Author: Raymond F L Wong  

Publisher: 中華書局(香港)有限公司

Publication year: 2014

ISBN:  9789810908645EP

Subject: I2 Chinese Literature

Keyword: 流行讀物

Language: ENG

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The Theory of Eventuality followed an unobstructed path and completely changed Cedric Bradford's life within six minutes. Written for all ages, this is the story of a brilliant boy of 13 who lost four of his life's most precious things in a day. Transferred to a boarding school in England, his extraordinary and mysterious talents gradually unfolded to help him restore his self-esteem. Guided by his godfather, also the headmaster, and helped by his exceptional piano skill and his peers' camaraderie, could he eventually triumph and regain his speech, lost through post-traumatic stress disorder? This moving tale is full of charm and humour, cleverly blended with surprising turns of fortune, laughter and heartbreaks – a most enthralling read.