Author: 习近平  

Publisher: 外文出版社

Publication year: 2016

ISBN:  9787119105550

Subject: D67 local politics

Keyword: 地方政治

Language: ENG

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“Economic Chorus”

The Basic Proficiency of Officials– Maintaining Close Ties with the People

The Glories of Ningde– Thoughts on Cultural Progress

Clean Government Is the Historical Mission of Communists

A Chat About Entering Public Service

The Nature of a Secretary’s Work– An Intimate Discussion with Officials in Prefecture and County General Offices

Water Droplets Drilling Through Rock

Always Keeping the People in Mind– On Handling Petition Work in the New Situation

Seize New Opportunities

Thoughts on Economic Development in Ningde Prefecture

Work for the Interests of the Local People with Each Term in Office

Journalism: Mastering the Fundamentals

Correctly Manage Six Relationships in Ningde’s Economic Development

Both Sides of Ningde’s Fiscal Economy in the New Situation

Opening Up the Economy of the She People

Forests Are the Key to Ningde’s Revitalization– Thoughts on a Strategic Issue for Economic Development in Ningde

Strengthening the Great Unity of All Ethnic Groups– Reflections on Promoting the Common Prosperity of Ethnic Minorities

Real Options for Drafting and Implementing an Industrial Policy

Breaking Through Difficulties– Thoughts on Developing Township Enterprises in Poor Areas

Let the People’s Congress Play a Bigger Role in Ningde’s Development

Actively and Steadily Reform the Communist Youth League

Intellectual and Cultural Progress in Impoverished Areas

Enhancing Our Core Strength on the Front Line for Eliminating Poverty– Building Rural Party Organizations

Developing a New Resource– The Transfer of Surplus Rural Labor

How Should We Run Education?

The Path to Developing Big Agriculture

Building Collective Economic Strength in Townships and Villages to Alleviate Poverty

With One Heart and One Mind, the Country and People Will Flourish– Parting Words for the Leading Officials of Ningde Prefecture


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